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Funicular – 1st Prize

The Polis Program in Viseu is developed following two main lines. One in the east-west direction and the other in the North-South that aims to reclassify the public space of Cava de Viriato, an Octagonal shape National Monument with 2000 m of perimeter and area of 32 hectares. Close to this place, there is the Space for the S. Mateus Fair; it is located adjacent to the Rio Pavia, also scope of undergoing construction.
It is from this space that the non-pollutant mechanic access (Funicular/Mechanic mean of transportation ) will be built that will take people to the top of the hill, next to the cathedral, connecting the lower part of the city to the historic center.
At the extremes of this axis, we find the funicular stations, at the elevation of 470.44 Upper Station and the Lower Station at the elevation of 438.00.

Implementation of a Funicular/Mechanic mean of transportation in Calçada de Viriato inside the Intervention Range of the Polis Program in Viseu.  Intervention

In what concerns the concept and philosophy of the intervention, it was already defined by the previous study. This way, the goal of the present project was to articulate these orientations with technical and functional issues.