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Misericórdia Museum

Urban Situation
Situated in the heart of the historic city of Viseu, the Church of Mercy has a value of exceptional quality in terms of architectural, historical and technical, positioning itself as one of the buildings that define the quadrilateral of the churchyard of the cathedral, on the opposite end of the Cathedral.
Due to the positioning on the hill in which it stands, together with the Cathedral, it is assumed as a visual reference, particularly in the north of the city. Establishes a privileged relationship between the upper town and the hillside, punctuating the hamlet that develops up to the lower part, commercial and area service par excellence.
It is a building that has been altered over time and in which is highligthed the construction of the main façade, as we know it today, in 1775 and the main body of the Church in 1846.

Intervention Concept/ Program
The intervention aims the restoration and rehabilitation of all the exceptional elements and reformulation, in some cases demolition, of poor additions that prove not to have significant value.
Historical information gathered to date allows dating different periods of the building to substantiate architectural the choice.
The aim is also, punctually and localized, to adjust the inside of the building for implementation of infrastructure to complement the new exhibition function.