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Multifamily Housing Nunes de Carvalho

Urban Context
The building is situated between Rua Nunes de Carvalho and Rua Almeida Moreira and within the limits of the critical area of Restoration and Urban Conversion, developed within a well-established tissue in the urban city, having as limits the adjacent buildings.

Intervention Concept | Program
The proposed building results from the alteration of the existent and the proposed expansion in the backyard. Thus, the design of the project defined a façade that closes the block, connecting with the elevations of adjacent buildings, assuming a more contemporary image, in symbiosis with what already exists. It is planned private parking for the dwellings and vertical access to the apartments that distribute through passageways in metal structure.
The main façade which borders with Rua Nunes de Carvalho maintains its current language, plus mansards on the top floor.
In typological terms, ground floor maintains the function as commerce, the first floor services and the upper floors are intended for housing.