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Quinta do Tedo

Existent Situation
Vila Seca, Armamar
The client has a vine farm by the River mouth of River Tedo, extending the boundary of this property to the neighbor County Tabuaço.
It is aimed to build a construction to storage the vine production, that until these days was made in the main house of Quinta do Tedo.
This building will be able to give Quinta do Tedo all the physic conditions and modern infra-structures that will respond to the current demands of quality and excellence.

Intervention Concept| materials
The building will be constructed on the opposite side of the access path to the Farm, on the left side of Tedo River, beyond the protection flood area of 50m.
The building will have about 1000m², which apparently are sufficient for the activity and will be framed in the surroundings so that its volumetric appears to be diluted. In order to do so, part of the building will be located in the underground, taking advantage of the field’s slope.  
The used materials will be consistent with the surroundings, privileging the autochthonous materials, such as the schist.
The access will be direct, using an existent road without the need for major earthworks.