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Luciano Antunes House

A Farm in Carvalhal Redondo, Nelas, in the center of the Dão Wine demarcated region. Therefore, in agricultural terms, the wine production is the main goal.  
There were several constructions in advanced state of disrepair: the main house, the chapel, the cellar, the garages, the olive mill, the distillery, barns and various annexes.

Baring in mind that the agricultural production is the main activity, the aim was to rehabilitate the remaining constructions to suport this activity, recovering the main house and creating all the necessary conditions for a space of  comfort and vacation house.

The main goal of this intervention was to adapt the main building to the daily needs of its users, searching for the characteristics from the best times of the several phases of its life.
The older wing, with a higher historic and architectonic value, is the wing that presents more needs and will be recovered as similar as possible from its original essence
In the enlargements, it will be used a more contemporary architectural language, evident both in formal levels and in the materials used.