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Decathlon Store

Urban Context
The site lies on the main southern access to the city of Viseu, with direct connection to the A25 (axis Aveiro - Vilar Formoso) and IP3 (link to Coimbra) and confronted with the EN 231 which is currently suffering upgrading works / enlargement. The roundabout in construction allows easy access in both directions.
 As mentioned, the land has a privileged access to the city, and easily identifiable for visitors who come from other destinations, and therefore strategic in their fundraising. It could also constitute a stimulating factor to the surrounding area

Intervention Concept
The building is developed on one floor where much of the available area is consumed by the zone of exhibition and sale to the public. Occasionally large voids appear in the area that serve the shelves for display of a seasonal nature or evidence of any product. The entire perimeter of the store, except the entrance area, also have shelves, broken only by the emergency exits and access to the store.
Regarding the volume on the right side elevation, with a lower bound to the main building , there are social and administrative areas. These areas are relatively contained. On the back, there is the storage where the supply of material is made. Among the staff room and storage areas are positioned technical rooms related to the electrical supply of the building
On the left side elevation there is also a volume that fulfills the function of escape route. In terms of volume it breaks the side plane of the building.