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Datacenter Refer Telecom

Urban Situation
This project refers to the construction of a DataCenter for receiving optical fiber inserted in a piece of land that occupies the area of 356.25 m², on the perimetral way of the Urban Park of Aguieira. It confines in the north with Ecotrail and in the south with Portugal Telecom building.

Intervention Concept
The building is developed in two floors, and due to the topography is completely buried in the north and with the south façade fully visible.
The ground floor, at the level of Ecotrail, is a multifunctional space to support Ecotrail, but can receive various events. This level establishes a strong relationship with it. This is evident even with the transparency of its facade and the twisting of the body related to the axis of the track, almost giving the welcome to their users.
To enhance Ecotrail but also by thermal issues, the south façade of the building assumes a different fenestration language, more closed and restrained.
Also on this floor, "recessed" in the building there is a processing station, accessible directly from the outside.