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Collective Housing

Urban Situation
The site is located at the northern entrance of Viseu which soon will be subject of intervention. The urban tissue requires also for renewal taking into account the preponderance of this axis as a main access to the city.

Intervention concept
The building will be part of a continuous band and it is intended to be the first of a set of three, to be built.
The strong horizontal architectonic language is marked by continuous balconies, slab lines and the shading of the façade. This language will be repeated in the other buildings, so that the existing difference in topography is diluted at the ground floor and allows a continuous reading of the slab lines. There will not exist, therefore, breaks between buildings, keeping a linear language.
The volumes on the roof which are deliberately out of alignment with the façade plans assume themselves as a background shadow. These elements will mark the discontinuity in the set.
In typological terms we have in the ground-floor commerce and access to the basement, in the first floor services and in the second floor two apartments.