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Multifamily Housing L15, Colina Verde

The allotment integrates a zone of urban expansion, as defined in PDM. Its access will be guaranteed by the street layout provided in the Municipal Master Plan. It presents a pending east / west with great views for the urban core of Viseu. It is planned to be crossed by the 2nd circular, once connected to the EN 2, will allow quick access to the center of Viseu.

The proposed building is within the implantation polygon defined in the summary of the allotment and has the following dimensions: 31.00 m in length by 15m deep. The penthouse is 3m less relative to the plane of the front elevation.
The entrance to the building appears on the front elevation as an integrated element, combining with the proposed dwellings. The ground floor coating is different from the rest, assuming the basis of the composition. On this floor, the balconies appear to be of loose and detached, breaking with the horizontality of the upper floors. The other floors have volumes that appear salient in the balance sheet at the front, always associated with kitchens. Occasionally we have plans scattered on the façade to create more dynamics.
The back of the building, and the side elevations maintain the same language, defining a principle of continuity of the assembly.